Listed as one of the "30 Fastest Growing Companies in Asia list of 2017" in The Silicon Review magazine published from Silicon Valley, California

Areas of Expertise

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Mobile Applications

Mobile app is not all about software programming any more, it's all about experience design now.We believe in super easy interfaces and classic user experience in total.

To know how we value user experience and interfaces you must design app with us...

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Web Applications

Its an era of e-commerce,social platforms & other utility and productivity management platforms with Twig we build such platform without technology barrier.

Let us know what's on your mind!

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Cloud Infra & Apps

With cloud infra you can reduce your servers and hardware buying & maintenance cost,No need to maintain licenses & documents any more nor purchase operating system.

With cloud apps you can serve your customer with ease with highly available and scalable apps. 

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ERP/CRM Applications

Enterprise Resources are highly expensive if not planned well & effects on profits of an organization whether it's a small ,medium or large scale. If you are looking for optimizing your resource costs you need to adapt ERP softwares and also not less importance to maintain happy & playful relationship with customers. We are expert in these fields and we have powerful tool with us AnTCRM.

Our development ideology...

APP Development

We develop core apps with Android Studio & Java or Kotlin
for iOS development we use XCODE & Objective C or Swift


Before you can get started, you obviously need to have an idea of what you’re going to create. If you are a beginner, try to keep it as simple as possible.

Drawing & Wireframe

It means drawing a map of the individual screens (if you’re going to have more than one), of the buttons, and of any graphics you’re going to use (like logos, images, backgrounds etc.). You can get additional help on wireframing an app

Building Layouts

If you only have one or two screens and you use a minimalistic design, you should be able to finish the basic layouts in a day. You’re going to create your layout in Android Studio using the ‘designer’.

Coding & Fun Facts

Everything is set for us to add the fun facts to our app. In this stage we'll update the button to pick a new fact and change the color.


Make a proof that your idea works. Share the application with your friend and some interested people. Collect feedbacks take them into account. 


Publish your application to Google Play Market.. 

API Development

ASP.NET Web API 2.0,ASP.NET Core 3.0, Node.JS,Python

Understand Your API’s Audience

It’s easy to throw the word “developer” around. What’s important to understand is what outcome the end developer is trying to achieve, and what domain they are in. 

Aligning Team

A successful, scalable API program first needs a solid team behind it that’s fully aware of the API’s objectives and purpose. A great team starts with alignment. The belief that APIs are products, that they solve problems, and they have customers who care about quality, is a mindset that needs to be instilled among all of your teams.

Designing the API

At the end of the day, your API is just a contract between a server and client, with the request-response cycle acting as the terms of the contact. If your end consumers are the ones finding value from your API, this contract needs to be designed with their needs in mind. Designing an API means providing an effective interface that helps your internal stakeholders aligned on the APIs request-response cycles, and external consumers better understand, use, and integrate with the API.

Testing the API

The testing phase is intended to reveal bugs, inconsistencies or any sort of deviation from what the expected behavior of the API was. depending on the mission criticality off your APIs you can perform different types of tests to ensure they function as intended. 


Whether you’re building a house, or an API, create something you’re proud of. Put something out that makes people take a second glance. This is your chance to create something awesome, so take the time to do it right.

Meet our executive team


Company team

Kadir Mujawar, CEO

Mr. Kadir Mujawar works as the CEO and co-founder of Twig Software Solutions. Working with some of the finest MNCs, he comes with more than 20+ years of rich experience in the techno-commercial industry.

Company team

Tushar Kshirsagar,CTO

Mr. Tushar Kshirsagar, is also a founding member of the company. His 7+ years of extensive experience have been focused on core technical work. Working with a variety of platforms and organizations has given him a comprehensive experience arena.


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