Twig Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd has been ranked among the 30 Fastest Growing Companies in Asia in 2017

Silicon Review 2017

Inspired by the advancements in the mobile app industry and to be an integral part of it, in
October 2015, Twig Software Solutions was established in Pune, India,

Twig provides mobile and web solutions for enterprise businesses as well as for Start-ups
belonging to various sectors, to both domestic as well as international clients. Dynamism is
both, the boon and the curse of the IT industry. Like any other startups or a new to the
market company, Twig also faced some serious hurdles in its initial days in keeping pace
with the ever-evolving world. But the passionate and hardworking team kept moving ahead
with a no looking back MOTTO and an insatiable appetite for success.

On September 27- 2017 our Directors received an email with following text from California
“Twig Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd has been ranked among the 30 Fastest Growing
Companies in Asia in 2017 by The Silicon Review Silicon Review Magazine is the world’s
most trusted online and print community for business technology professionals, published
from California USA.
The Silicon Review magazine, published from Silicon Valley, California and having
development office in Bangalore, India; is a business and technology magazine for tech
decision makers and enterprise IT. It is the most trusted source of news and information for
business professionals.
We are glad to inform you that your company has been Shortlisted for ” Fastest Growing
companies in Asia ” list, which is a printed annual edition for companies provides key
technology solutions and services related to Software and also offering the latest technology
trends, a realistic marketing platform for Techies.”

Entire team was overjoyed with news, it was great honor  first international recognition
for Twig’s hardworking and dedicated team.

Magazine was published in December 2017 with listing and 3 page Article about Twig
Software, online version of same is available on official website of Silicon Review. growing-companies- in-asia- 2017/ new-app- idea-we- will-bring- it-to- reality-twig- software-solutions- pvt– ltd-/

We Thank all our dynamic team members ,clients, partners; well-wishers for their support; contribution in this achievement with promise to do better; achieve greater heights in
coming future together.