#UrbanX – The project of #challenge , #Fun , #Excitement and #Achievements


Achievements are always exciting and act as a  motivation for new challenges. However   to get to the achievements stage , Companies overcome various obstacles.

Twig Software being newly founded in October 2015 , there were many initial challenges encountered such as  stabilizing workflow management, fund management and such other implicit and explicit factors that impacted us in the formative phase.

Like any new Company, in order to be able to deliver any project, the following factors need to be considered:

  1.  Hiring reliable team members.
  2. Finding  a good work place and
  3. Overcoming financial challenges.

Twig got its first  major break through from  an old client with their exciting project #UrbanX . With UrbanX,  Twig got it’s first breakthrough in providing Mobile Application Development services .

We took advantage of the expertise of known contacts coupled with the collaborative efforts of the CEO and CTO of Twig Software  and within no time we had a complete grip over the finances with a few small time Angel investors chipping in ensuring that the Company developed a stable foothold in the starting phase itself.

The Twig team took up the very challenging  #UrbanX project and delivered it as a successful  implementation and thus gained experience as a Mobile Technology Solutions provider.

This project can be described in five major phases :







#UrbanX project was a challenge for the newly formed team to adapt to clients changing requirements.

It was an exciting experience to work with Schokopro (German company) who were part of the project for i-phone app development .Schokopro had a little bit of a different work culture. Coordinating between two different time zones  was a difficult scenario which was successfully overcome with our persistent, alert and hardworking team.

Ultimately , the project  started on 1 June 2016 at Wiesbaden, Germany. We sent our CTO  onsite.

From 1 June 2016 to 12 July 2016 basic architecture of the project  was decided followed by database architecture and the team was ready  for implementation.  26th August  was set as  the beta release deadline.   The challenging part of this phase was finalizing the requirements and deciding the database model.  However we accomplished this with constant communication with UrbanX to ensure those were met in a satisfactory manner.


Schokopro and Twig  worked together for the first time on a project as joint vendor association for Brandscape Creative Consultancy .

The workflow wasn’t  exactly friction free as both companies had slightly different software development approaches .

Since both shared common end goals, both worked with a very high standard of professionalism & mutual understanding ; #twig and #schocopro focused on deliverables.

Meanwhile #Twig also benefited from the valuable experience that the CEO brought to the Company daily activities .

Few changes to  timelines & delays in deciding fixes/additions did cause additional pressure  and nervousness of our team members . However the team members efforts were fruitful at the end of it.


On 9th November 2016 project #urbanx was launched in the App-Store with an event held in Germany. Live broadcasting  was done on Facebook.

We faced many challenges in the Android implementation.  The team was struggling with memory leaks, crashes and performance issues.

However our dedicated team worked round the clock to successfully overcome these challenges to ensure smooth implementation of the Android app .

Exactly after 1 month, on 9th  December 2016 the  android version of #Urbanx  was also launched In Google Play Store, crash free .


This whole sequence of happenings proved to be a great experience for  Twig  and the team enjoyed working with an international  team  belonging to a different culture who brought with them  their different mindset and approach to arriving at solutions to problems.


When the  client smiles and cracks jokes at the end of the project delivery, the incredible feeling of happiness and satisfaction cannot be described in words.

Software development as far as product development is concerned is a never ending process .  Now we face a  long term challenge to keep  the same  level of work enthusiasm among the teams located in different geographies.

Last but not the least : Success of any project is completely dependent on how early you capture the requirements of a software application and keep the team motivated  till  the actual delivery . 


#team credits

#Tushar Kshirsagar ( Project Manager) #Abhijeet Vader [team leader], #Mohini Shinde [Android Layout Designer], #Amir Mujawar [API developer], #Kalyani Patil [QA and Automation]


Thank You ,

Tushar Kshirsagar


Twig Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.