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What is Kampy all about? Kampy is first of its kind a college campus networking app. where student can privatize their own college life experience equipped with an eclectic array of features that you won't be able to find anywhere else! Kampy: the college networking app that is designed only to change the way you are going to experience your campus life.

How it started? Who doesn't become nostalgic on visiting one's college after 8 long years? It was a college event which took me back to those beautiful memory lanes where I spent some of the most beautiful moments of my life. After completing my engineering, I always used to cherish the days spent with friends and being at the same place again brought all those reminiscences back. read more

Platform & Technologies Used?  Well its not hard to guess but Kampy is developed on platforms to support Android and iOS OS's & Rest API Architecture.

3,000+ Registered college students running in more than 10 campus.

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What is URBANX is all about? Its is dedicated app for social sport networking platform owned by German startup UrbanX LLP.

How it started? With our Sport App UrbanX we have created a counter concept to "everyone walks alone through the park". For recreational athletes, sports groups and communities. For coaches, organizers and locations. Simply a platform for all who like to do sports together!

From now on you have UrbanX - to meet new people about the sport, to train with you, to discover new sports, to join sports groups or to found your own.

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1000 + Registered users running in Germany.

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Casher- Money Transfer App


You can use a credit card on Casher to pay for a variety of services. There’s almost everything covered. These include, but not limited to:

1000+ Registered users.

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